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Petra Trans - International transportation and logistics

86. Kossuth Lajos utca, H-2700 Cegléd, Hungary

Phone: +36 53/500-978

Fax: +36 53/311-753

E-mail: info@petratrans.hu

About Our Company

Petra Trans Ltd. is a completely Hungarian holding with the seat in Cegléd, it has increased to an association dealing with national and international transportation, that was registered on the 14 of January in 2004 by the Registry Court. The Ltd. was founded by Zsolt Kaposvári, who decided to realise it, since his individual enterprise, having it from 1993, had been overgrown its limits.

The main profile of our firm is domestic and international transportation of goods.

On international level, we have considerable traffic mainly of transporting grains to Italy, Romania and Slovakia.
But then for today, our well-developed plant allows of the spedition of any goods in the European Union, beeing dry, frozen, fresh goods, or goods on pallet.

Our aim is making us known in market, as a reliable company which provides perfect service, for make us advise to others too and by this way, to become a remarkable firm in market.

Our motto is: Petra Trans – The Best Chance!

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